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Slides of some of the talks can be found only on the Intranet
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Friday, February 2nd, 2007, 2:30-4:30pm, room 549, LIP6

Franck Legendre - Mobility Modeling for Self-Organizing Networks (abstract, slides)

Monday, October 16th, 2006, 2:00-3:00pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Marc Mosko - Wireless and Content Networking Research at PARC (abstract, slides)

Friday, September 8th, 2006, 11:00-12:00am, room C931, LIP6

Geoffrey M. Voelker - Internet Outbreaks Epidemiology and Defense (U.C. San Diego) (abstract, slides)

Pinayotis Antoniadis - An introduction to the economics of resource allocation and provision: the case of grid computing and planetlab(LIP6/Athens University) ( abstract, slides)

Monday, September 4th, 2006, 2:00-3:00pm, room C566, LIP6

Abhinav Kamra - Growth Codes: Maximizing Sensor Network Data Persistence (Columbia) (abstract, slides)

Thursday, July 13st, 2006, 11:00-12:00am, room Noguez, LIP6

Mostafa H. Ammar - Mobility-Assisted Data Delivery in Wireless Networks (Georgia Institute of Technology) (abstract, slides)

Monday, July 10th, 2006, 14:00-16:00am, room Noguez, LIP6

Artur Ziviani - Network Anomaly Detection using Nonextensive Entropy (National Laboratory for Scientific Computing, Brazil)

Steve Uhlig - Building an AS-topology model that captures route diversity (Université catholique de Louvain) ( abstract, slides)

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006, 2:00-3:00pm, room 931, LIP6

Aruna Seneviratne - Mobility Management in IP Networks (National ICT Australia)

Monday, June 26th, 2006, 2:00-3:00pm, room C044, LIP6

Dan Rubenstein - Global Robustness and Correctness in Massively Distributed Network Systems (Columbia University) (abstract, slides - ppt)

Thurday, June 22nd, 2006, 3:00-3:00pm, room C044, LIP6

Dmitri Krioukov - Something We Always Wanted to Know about ASs: Relationships and Taxonomy (CAIDA)

Monday, June 19th, 2006, 3:30-4:30pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Guillaume Valadon and Ryuji Wakikawa - Activities in the WIDE project, Overview of MIPv6 and NEMO, Internet-scale mobility deployment (Wide Project) (slides - pdf)

Wednesday, may 10th, 2006, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Hervé Aiache(Thales) - Routage sur QoS dans les reseaux ad hoc(slides)

Eric Robert(Thales) - Gestion de la mobilite dans les reseaux IP (slides)

Michel Riguidel(ENST) - La resilience (securite et surete de fonctionnement dans les grands reseaux (slides)

Luigi Iannone(LIP6) - Le routage Mesh et Wireless/Mobility (slides)

Wednesday, december 21st, 2005, 2:30-3:30pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Catherine P. Rosenberg - Cross-layer Interactions and Optimizations in Wireless Networks (University of Waterloo) (abstract)

Thursday, november 3rd, 2005, 3:00-4:00pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Anukool Lakhina (Boston University) - Mining Network-Wide Anomalies Using Traffic Feature Distributions

Monday, july 25, 2005, 4:00-5:00pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Nick Duffield (ATT Research) - Adaptation in Network Defense

wednesday, june 29, 2005, 3:00-4:00pm, room C931, LIP6

Leandros Tassiulas (University of Maryland) - Cross-layer design issues for quality of service provisioning in wireless networks

tuesday, june 28, 2005, 3:00-4:00pm, room Noguez (C769), LIP6

Jim Kurose (UMass) - Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere

friday, june 10, 2005, 2:00-4:00pm, room Noguez (C769), LIP6

Sandrine Calomme (Universitée de Liège) - The Critical Neighbourhood Range for Asymptotic Overlay Connectivity in Ad Hoc Networks

friday, june 3, 2005, 2:00-4:00pm, room Noguez (C769), LIP6

Muriel Médard (MIT) - Network Coding

Jim Kurose (UMass) - Overview of Computer Networking Research Group (CNRG) research

monday, may 23, 2004, 2:00-4:00pm, room C044, LIP6

Linnyer Beatriz Ruiz (Université Fédéral de Minas Gerais, Brésil) - Management of Wireless Sensor Networks

José Marcos Nogueira (Université Fédéral de Minas Gerais, Brésil) - Trajectory and Energy-Based Data Dissemination for Wireless Sensor Networks

thursday, november 4, 2004, 2:00pm, room Noguez (C769), LIP6

Eric Kolaczyk (Boston University) - Efficient Estimation of End-To-End Network Properties

tuesday, november 2, 2004, 11:00am, room Noguez (C769), LIP6

Y.C Tay (National University of Singapore) - A Model for Analyzing the Interaction Between Bandwidth Demand and Supply ( abstract)

tuesday, september 14, 2004, 2pm, room Noguez (C769), LIP6

Ignacio Solis (University of California at Santa Cruz) - Efficient Continuous Mapping in Sensor Networks Using Isolines (abstract, slides)

friday, july 16, 2004, 2pm, room Noguez (C769), LIP6

Ivan Gojmerac (Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien / Telecommunications Research Center Vienna) - Adaptive Multipath Routing for Dynamic Traffic Engineering (abstract, slides - pdf)

friday, july 9, 2004, 2pm, room Noguez (C769), LIP6

Brian Neil Levine (UMass Amherst) - Threats to Privacy from Passive Internet Traffic Monitoring (abstract)

tuesday, june 22, 2004, 2:30-4:30pm, room C044, LIP6

Katia Obraczka (University of California at Santa Cruz) - Research on Ad Hoc Networking at UCSC's I-NRG (abstract)

Ian Graham (CTO Endace Technology) - The DAG network measurement and monitoring architecture

friday, june 25, 2004, 10:30am, room C044, LIP6

John Byers (University of Boston) - Approximate Aggregation Techniques for Sensor Databases (abstract, slides - pdf)

friday, may 21, 2004, 2:30pm, room Noguez (C769), LIP6

Andrew T. Campbell (Columbia University) - Congestion Control for Sensor Networks (abstract)

wednesday, may 5, 2004, 2pm, room Noguez (C769), LIP6

Sven Van Der Meer (Waterford Institute of Technology) - Management of Smart Spaces (abstract, slides - pdf)

wednesday, april 14, 2004, 3pm, room 044 (RDC), LIP6

Balachander Krishnamurthy (ATT Labs--Research) - SHRED: Spam Harassment Reduction via Economic Disincentives (abstract)

tuesday, march 02, 2004, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

David Simplot-Ryl (LIFL) - Topology control ( homepage, slides - ppt)

wednesday, february 18, 2004, 10:30am, room Noguez, LIP6

Luigi Fratta (Politecnico Di Milano) - ADHOC-MAC: an efficient, reliable, MAC protocol for ad-hoc networks (abstract, slides - pdf)

friday, january 16, 2004, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Michel Riguidel (ENST, Paris) - A Virtual Paradigm for Security (slides - pdf)

Marcelo Amorim (LIP6) - Sensor Networks

friday, october 17, 2003, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Arnaud Pierre (Thales) - Content Adaptation in Heterogeneous environment (slides - ppt)

Naja Rola (ENST, Paris) - Mobility Management in IPv6 Cellular Networks

Vladimir Ksinant, Konstantin Kabassanov (LIP6) - TEREDO implementation (slides - ppt)

friday, july 4, 2003, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Yulen Sadourny (Thales) - MPEG, JPEG-2000 and Intellectual Property (slides - ppt)

Aline Carneiro Viana (LIP6) - A Different Approach to P2P concepts (slides - ppt)

friday, march 28, 2003, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Kavé Salamatian (LIP6) - Internet Metrology (slides - ppt)

Alain Ritoux, Vladimir Ksinant (6WIND) - User's mobility and IPv6 (slides - ppt)

friday, january 31, 2003, 2pm, room 2-23, Jussieu

Samir Tohmé (ENST, Paris) - IP over Satellite

Michel Riguidel (ENST, Paris) - Security Aspects

friday, november 29, 2002, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Guy Pujolle (LIP6) - Security and Smart Cards (slides - pdf)

Didier Plateau (UCOPIA) - The UCOPIA Company

monday, november 4, 2002, 10am, room Noguez, LIP6

Nick Duffield (AT&T Labs Research) - Charging from Sampled Network Usage (abstract, biography)

friday, september 20, 2002, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Anelise Munaretto (LIP6) - QoS Routing for Ad Hoc Networks
Valdimir Ksinant (6WIND) - Automatic Network Configuration with IPv6

tuesday, september 17, 2002, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Justin Templemore-Finlayson (INT) - REALM : A REliable Application Layer Multicast protocol (abstract, slides - ppt, pdf)

monday, july 8, 2002, 10am, room 1225, LIP6

Andrea Goldsmith (Stanford University) - Design Challenges in Future Wireless Networks (abstract, slides - , further details and related papers - here)

friday, june 21, 2002, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Aruna Seneviratne (University of New South Wales, Australia) - Cost-effective Broadcast for Fully Decentralized Peer-to-peer Networks ( slides - ppt, paper - pdf)

monday, june 17, 2002, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Catherine Rosenberg (Purdue University) - Effective Bandwidth and Optimal Performance Budget Partitioning for Networks with Envelop-Regulated Traffic ( abstract, slides - ppt, pdf)

monday, february 18, 2002, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Bezalel Gavish (Southern Methodist University, Dallas) - The Internet and Electronic Commerce - Some Research Issues ( abstract)

thursday, february 14, 2002, 2pm, room C769, LIP6

Michel Riguidel (ENST, Paris) - Security Issues & Paradigms in Mobile Computing Science & Networking (slides - ppt)

Olivier Corre (6WIND/LIP6) - Policy Modeling in a PBM Architecture (slides - ppt, pdf)

tuesday, december 11, 2001, 3pm, room 1225, LIP6

Olivier Bonaventure (Universite de Namur, Belgium) - Implications of interdomain traffic characteristics on traffic engineering (abstract; slides of the talk - pdf; related papers here)

tuesday, november 13, 2001, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Francois Magne (Thales) - LWMA and STWLAN
Valdimir Ksinant (6WIND) - Router Programmability

thursday, september 27, 2001, 10am, room Noguez, LIP6

Ping Ji (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) - Activating and Deactivating Repair Servers in Active Multicast Trees ( abstract; slides of the talk - ppt, pdf; paper - ps, pdf)

monday, june 18, 2001, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Catherine Rosenberg (Purdue University)- Next generation of satellite networks: from resource management to the efficient transport of TCP

friday, june 8, 2001, 2pm, room Noguez, LIP6

Pierre Lagoutte (Thales)- Military Telecommunication Networks
Anne Fladenmuller (LIP6)- Ad Hoc Networks
Guy Pujolle (LIP6)- Third Generation Mobiles

Slides of some of the talks can be found only on the Intranet